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First Person Perfect: Adult Swim

I’ve always felt a fear of water. When I was a young child, I took a swim class that was fun at first, but by the end of the session, all students were required to jump into the deep end of the pool. Regardless of coaxing from instructors and classmates and unhelpful attempts at motivation like, “Don’t be scared,” and “Just do it,” I wouldn’t do it and failed the class. Whether it really happened that way or if my memory has become distorted over time, I’m not sure. But the fact remained that I

Learning to play the piano at 40

“As soon as you start, on day one, you’re a musician.”

My piano is a 60-year-old spinet. My house in Mt. Lebanon’s Cedarhurst neighborhood is the piano’s third home, at least, and during a recent tuning I learned that the piano itself was previously home to a mouse, as evidenced by the nest inside. It may not be a particularly good piano, but it has charm.

When I turned 40, I decided to learn how to play it. To me, 40 felt like a good time to finally acquire certain life skills that I hadn’t m

Mt. Lebanon Moms Network

In February of 2010, Amanda Rost was shopping for a new cell phone plan with her two young children at The Galleria, and sat down next to a woman with similarly aged children. A stay-at-home mom, Rost, Osage Road, was in search of friends and support. So when the woman at The Galleria mentioned a local chapter of an international moms group and suggested that she join, Rost was intrigued but hesitant. She eventually decided to give it a try, but for her first group outing, she went to the wrong f

Moxie Cloth: More than clothes

At Moxie Cloth in Lebanon Shops, clothing isn’t the only thing that’s got moxie. When a customer walks through the door of the women’s boutique, owner Jeannie Gabbay is ready to help her feel her best, whether through fashion or one of many initiatives geared toward empowering women and giving back to the community. “Each customer is beautiful, and my focus is bringing out that beauty through confidence,” she said.

“A good retailer is born, not made,” said Gabbay, of Lakemont Drive, who was bor
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